Demand for Robusta Coffee Expected to Increase

The Robusta coffee beans gets no respect from real coffee lovers when compared to Arabica coffee beans. And with the recent price increases of Arabia coffee beans the price difference between arabica and robusta beans is predicted to only widen. This may have the major coffee roaster brands looking to increase the share of cheaper robusta coffee in their blends as a way to hold back on higher prices.

What also is interesting development of the story line is supply of robusta beans in the high from good crop yields in Vietnam, while Arabica beans production has declined and this will only make Robusta beans even cheaper. The current spread, which has been around 130 cents a pound, has more than doubled in the past 11 months as arabica prices rose disproportionately amid tight supply.

What does this all mean for a the average coffee lover? It could be some “gourmet” commodity blends may have more Robusta beans in the mix as a “low cost” version. Will Dunkin be one of them? Will this also create some confusion in marketplace of Arabia over Robusta for the many coffee drinkers just looking for their caffeine fix? Interesting trends abound when supplies tighten and prices rise.


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