New Keurig Vue Brewing System

Back in November there was rumored plans that Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig were working on new home brewing systems, in response to investor concerns about their continued growth. Today they announced a new product line expansion with the Keurig Vue brewing system. It begins to address some of the complaints about the current brewing systems where the coffee was too weak for some tastes, not enough coffee from a single K-cup (you had to use two for a travel mug) and even the coffee wasn’t really that hot. So now they have added customizable features so consumers have control over the strength, size, and temperature of their beverages. The three new Keurig Vue benefits are highlighted by them as such:

  • Brew Stronger: With Custom Brew Technology, the Vue brewer adjusts water pressure, timing, and airflow so consumers can brew to better suit their taste preference.
  • Brew Bigger: Consumers can brew a larger travel mug with new Vue packs specially formulated to brew a bigger cup up to 18 oz.
  • Brew Hotter: Vue offers a brewing temperature range between 187 and 197 degrees Fahrenheit so consumers have more ways to customize the perfect cup.

The cost of the Keurig Vue is retailing for $249 and it looks like the K-cups will also be more expensive per cup. Also, it looks like the current k-cups will not work with the new system, so this advancement will come with a higher price tag for consumers.

On a final green note, the new Vue k-cups are designed to be recyclable, but it will require some effort on the user’s part. After removing the lid, coffee, and filter away from the plastic cup that can now be recycled. It’s a #5 plastic so also some recyclable centers may not accept it yet. It’s a step in the right direction for addressing the many concerns about the waste that K-cups are producing.

Looking to find the cheapest prices on Keurig Vue cups? You can buy Keurig Vue cups  here at discount.

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7 Responses to New Keurig Vue Brewing System

  1. Tom Williams says:

    Here are my thoughts in terms of the vue kcup not being interchangable I say this make them interchangable I think it was too soon to come out with a capsule like system for the vue brewers would it be more cost effective to put the same amount of coffee etc in other words make them accomodate two cups of coffee say for arguments sake for regular size and or travel mug size it was preached to us when the mr coffee cuisinart breville and hence the keurig name stronger coffee less water and not so strong more water by the way further testing is needed if keurig plans to discontinue which way the vue and kcup s are placed kcups you place face down with needle clogging issues the vue ones u place them in a position like your pressing a button what keurig need to look into further is also which is really the better way the kcup vue cups ill call them pull up or facedown like the kcups I find personally Id prefer to have keurig convert all kcups be converted to extra bold I agree in some instance s too that the kcups that are not extra bold some blends are way too weak and I want to warn people the less water and milk the better if you like really strong medium strength whatever add water or milk etc to suit taste I m liking the platinum plus for those that feel they dont get enought water (Hot water On Demand like the cuisinart ) my only critisism is why didnt they model the line with the different colors with an 80oz reservoir as opposed to a 60 oz like the classic platinum series I do feel that The 48 oz SE 3 cup size model need s to be discontinued simply put a full tank of water and the machine tells you to prime or add more water which makes no difference the same happens whether it needs priming or it tells you to add water and we know you have a full tank I still have the se model for a spare just in case but hated the special edition for that reason Both platinum models (cuisinart white is a 5 cup size model too) Vue is 7 or 8 cups

  2. Richard Hill says:

    I am already listed as someone who wants to purchase “The Vue System” when it is available. My basic question to you is what is the value of me buying a Vue over a Verismo, if I am going to be drinking coffee most of the time? The literature on the Verismo states that it will be cheap, and also be able to make expresso coffee and lattes (like the Vue).
    Your add for the Vue states that it will be available in “a couple of weeks”. Its been more than a couple of weeks and I was wondering what is the source of the delay?
    At this juncture, I am considering waiting on purchasing the Vue.
    Every time I call the company and inquire about a release date, I get THE COMPANY MUMBO JUMBO RUN AROUND. Apparently, NOBODY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT THE RELEASE DATE
    Anyway, please have some one, not necessarily from your ” marketing dept” to respond to this email.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding this issue.

  3. toastqueen says:

    I’m very happy about the recyclable cups! That was my biggest complaint about Keurig. No, I don’t like that the vue cups and k-cups aren’t compatible – I see a lot of confusion in the future with people buying, but I do think it’s a step in the right direction.

  4. Janie says:

    Where can I buy a Keurig Vue reuseable coffee filter?

  5. Janie says:

    Where can I buy a reuseable coffee filter for the Keurig Vue?

    • Bob @ uBuyCoffee says:

      Right now we have not seen a reuseable fliter for the VUE systems, but we are on the look out!

    • Linda says:

      Kohl’s sells the Solofill Cup V1 Gold. You can also look it up online. The filter cups allow quite a bit of commercially ground coffee to get through to your cup, but it’s still a good cup of coffe and reusable.

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